Salutations des Canadiens

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Salutations des Canadiens.

Salutations des Canadiens – Tournée royale 2011

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Have a very happy time here in Canada . I will celebrate this occasion by flying British flags

[2012-05-30] Aaron Rideout

welcome to canada. i hope the weather has not been to hot for you. it is great to have a visit from the royal family. safe trip home. it is always a pleasure to welcome someone from the royal family. sincerely jane

[2012-05-28] ms mary jane goldring

Vos Altesses Royales le prince de Galles et la duchesse de Cornouailles, Je suis très ravi que vous soyez venus au Canada pour fêter les célébrations du Jubilé de Diamant de notre gracieuse Reine. Je n'ai malheureusement pas l'occasion de vous voir, même de loin, car vous ne faites pas escale à notre belle province, le Québec. Je vous demande de bien vouloir transmettre mes félicitations les plus sincères et chaleureuses à la Reine du Canada au nom de son peuple ici dans son royaume en Amérique du Nord. Nous sommes fiers de la Reine! Bravo!

[2012-05-28] Bouréit Boussouk

To HRH The Prince of Wales, and HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. I would like to welcome you to Canada, and for visiting our beautiful country. I have always enjoyed watching the Royal Tour when you come to Canada. I wish you could come to B.C. I live in the wonderful Creston Valley. I think you would really enjoy it. My husband's family is from the Highlands of Scotland, and his mom's family is from England. Over the past 5 years or so, they have been into the genealogy of his family tree. They were able to go back as far as, The Bruce's time frame. Dave's Great grandfather, times 4 or 5 generations was married to Mary Queen of Scot cousin, when King James was born, and Mary beheaded as history says. King James was to young to take the Throne. so, for 2 years my husband great grandfather x's 4 or 5 gen was the Roal Regent until King James took over of age. I'm sure this is all checkable. So, now that we know all this info, I find the Royal History very interesting and would love to know more, and maybe meet you or just get a chance to shake your hand. Thank-you. Sincerely, Alison Fleming Creston, B.C.

[2012-05-24] Alison Fleming

Your Royal Highnesses, As you are both Prince and Princess of Canada, I wish you both a wonderful tour of Canada. Thank you for being with us for the 60th year of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second of Canada on the Canadian Throne. As you are both Canadian Citizens, I look forward to your next visit. God Save The Queen

[2012-05-24] Alexandre Joly

Welcome to Canada.

[2012-05-24] Drusilla Pearson

Dear Prince Charles and Camilla, I hope you enjoyed your stay in Fredericton, Nb and I hope that you had nice, warm welcome's. Come back any time! I hope you enjoyed your 2012 tour and I hope you had a safe trip! Sincerely, Leslie

[2012-05-24] Leslie

Welcome to Canada and best wishes for a wonderful visit. I especially wish to thank HRH Prince Charles for his interest in our cultural heritage, including built heritage, as he has reinforced by his tour in New Brunswick. His interest has resonated throughout the country. Thank you from Ontario.

[2012-05-23] Cecilia

Merci de visiter le Canada Francois.

[2012-05-23] Dube Francois

Your Royal Highnesses, Thank you for coming and representing Her Majesty in this oh so important jubilee year. Those of us with deep loyalty and affection to our monarchs are many in Canada. Each time the Queen and members of the Royal Family are in our midst is a time of great affirmation of our character as a country. Much is made of the diversity of the Canadian people. There are many of us who know that the Crown in Canada has served as the protector of minorities and that has created the tolerant society that we all value today. Long may her Majesty reign over us. And when the day comes, Sir and M'am, in our grief at the loss of our Sovereign Lady, we shall rejoice in our King and Queen.

[2012-05-23] Walter Stewart

To Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall: As you celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, please know how greatly the dedication to service shown by Her Majesty and her family continues to inspire so many. She has been as constant as the North Star; a rare and enviable model of a truly modern Monarch. Enjoy your visit to our shores and please do relate the warmest of congratulations to Her Majesty from appreciative Ontarians. We will be lighting a beacon in Her honour during the official Jubilee Weekend in the Haliburton Highlands!

[2012-05-23] Jeanne

welcome to Canada

[2012-05-23] Enrique

Welcome to Canada your Royal Highnesses, Hope you are enjoying your trip. Have been watching you on T.V. Wish I could be in Regina to see you, but sadly can not Please come back again soon.

[2012-05-23] Florence Mackenzie

A message for the Duchess of Cornwall: I heard a short clip of your speech to the troops of whom you are the Honorary Colonel. You have a beautiful speaking voice, and it was a pleasure to hear you speak of your links to Canada. Wishing you a very good rest of your visit in Canada, and a very good time indeed at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations at the beginning of next month

[2012-05-23] Helen

On behalf of Royal St. George's College, Toronto, the only post-secondary royal school in Canada, we send our warmest greetings to your Royal Highnesses on the occasion of your visit to Toronto. On Thursday past the entire college gathered to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty in the Chapel of Saint Alban the Martyr, the historic former cathedral of Toronto and now the college chapel. At this time we are also celebrating the 125th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone and mark the 100th anniversary of the visit of your ancestor HRH Prince Arthur, the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn and his daughter, HRH Princess Patricia in 1912. It is our hope to have a royal visit for the college's Golden Jubilee 2013-2014. May you have a very enjoyable visit to Canada on this very special occasion and please convey our love and respect to Her Majesty. God save the Queen.

[2012-05-23] The Rev'd John L. Hodgins, RSGC Chaplain

May 2012 be one of good health and fortune to you. Know that the Crown will always have a place in Canadian culture and history.

[2012-05-20] Adam T. Wang

Bienvenue au Canada HRH Prince Charles and Princess Camilla. I am unable to attend the celebrations at Ashbridge's Bay this evening but wish you both a safe and enjoyable trip to Canada. Thank you for all that you do for us Canadians, and those in the Commonwealth. Congratulations to HRH Queen Elizabeth on her 60th Jubilee. God Save the Queen!

[2012-05-21] Diana Zybala

À Vos Altesses Royales le Prince de Galles et la Duchesse de Cornouailles. Ma famille et moi-même Vous souhaitons la bienvenue parmi nous, chez Vous, ici au Canada et un très agréable séjour. Nous regrettons simplement de ne pouvoir avoir l'occasion d'aller Vous saluer. Nous avons l'honneur d'être, de Vos Altesses Royales les très fidèles et obéissants serviteurs.

[2012-05-20] Eldin de Pécoulas

Welcome to Canada! Have a nice Victoria's day and a pleasant visit of the country. Best regards from Quebec city.

[2012-05-20] Guillaume

welcome home

[2012-05-20] Jamie Lucska

Welcome Home to Canada Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla to celebrate HRH's Diamond Jubilee with us! Wishing you both a wonderful Canadian Tour! God save the Queen!

[2012-05-20] Doug Hasenfeld

The Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall Enjoy the Space Ctr

[2012-05-23] Contrariwisectr USA

Welcome to Canada!

[2012-05-21] Tao

Your Roayl Highnesses, I was selected to meet you both in Saskatchewan, but because of certain factors, I sadly could not go. Wishing you both a very warm welcome, and all my best... I'll be watching you on the news, if not seeing you in person.

[2012-05-20] Cathie Maud

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall; Welcome to New Brunswick, Canada. We look forward to attending the ceremony at the Canadian Forces Base on May 21, 2012.

[2012-05-20] Joy Dykeman

Welcome to Canada! How lucky we are that you are here to share the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations with us! If only you were able to visit beautiful British Columbia! Come visit us soon! Enjoy your visit.

[2012-05-20] Kim Hodge

While I regret that I cannot be there to welcome Your Royal Highnesses to Canada, I nonetheless hope your visit is fantastic.

[2012-05-20] Jordan Brett

Your royal highnesses I wish that I lived in Canada but I don't I live in the USA I wish that we had been loyal to the monarchy I really love you guys and wish that I lived in any of the commonwealths please send my warm regards to the queen

[2012-05-19] jonathan

Thank you both for helping us to celebrate the Queen' Diamond Jubilee. Your visit has demonstrated the strong bond which exists between Canadians and the Crown. It has also shown--despite media naysayers--the high regard we have for you your Royal Highness and the beginning of what I am sure will be an affectionate and respectful bond with Her Royal Hoghness. I am sure the Queen must be proud of you both--as would the Queen Mother were she still with us.

[2012-05-23] Rob McAninch

Welcome to Canada. I hope you have an enjoyable stay. Congratulations to Her Majesty on sixty years of serving her people. Long may she reign.

[2012-05-20] Wayne Hitchcock

i am a canadian but i am living outside of canada right out. i am very sorry that i am missing your visit! please enjoy my home and have a wonderful stay and come back some time soon so that i get to see you in person

[2012-05-21] lydia

Looking forward to your visit to Hazen White-St. Francis school in the Crescent Valley neighbourhood of Saint John NB. This a HUGE event for our neighbourhood; one we will never forget. Thank you.

[2012-05-19] Anne Driscoll. Ex. Dir. Crescent Valley Resource Centre

Welcome back to Canada. Putting the finishing touches on the Diamond Jubilee Exhibit for the John R. Park Homestead Conservation Area, Harrow, ON.

[2012-05-21] J A Cobban

Generations in my family have enjoyed the history of the Monarchy. A large collections of newspaper articles, books, photos, scrapbooks, and items have been collected and passed down over the years. I am now the recipient of this wonderful collection and have carried on the family tradition of following the lives of Royalty with my own collection. I am joining the Monarchy Club on their tour to London during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations! I am proud to welcome the Royal Couple to Canada and so grateful for the Monarchy and their many years of dedication and devotion to our country!

[2012-05-20] Judith Wiest

i have inclined many times to stop and reflect on the fact that being born in this dominion of canada is a great boon for me and a lucky strike im gratefull and at any rate at that the crown established it so welcome great prince and duchess camilla have a wonderfull stay

[2012-05-20] david

Dear Your Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, Welcome to Canada for your royal tour. I would like to request if you have some time in your tour schedule to stop by the Progress Campus of Centennial College, Ontario's First Public College.

[2012-05-20] STEVEN MCKINNON

i am so happy that you are coming to Canada. i studing business in toronto right now amd hope to see you when you come. enjoy your stay and have a wonderful time.

[2012-05-21] Sunee

Welcome home! It is wonderful to have you both back Canadian soil to help us celebrate Her Majesty's 60 years as our Queen. I hope very much that you enjoy your short time here.

[2012-05-21] Ian Mitchell

It is with great joy that this nation welcomes you and wishes our Queen all the best for her Diamond Jubilee, God Save the Queen

[2012-05-21] Michael Mantikas

Welcome home to Canada, Your Royal Highnesses! I hope you have a great tour of our fair Dominion, and that you enjoy yourselves in our realm. I also wish you both success in promoting your charitable work! For Queen and Country!

[2012-05-20] Matthew Marchello

you have finally come home welcome home! the canadian people will give you an enjoyable time that you will never forget. Canada is your home and you are welcome here anytime that you please come even if it is a family reniuon.

[2012-05-21] francis

Bienvenue-Welcome to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada Royal Higness Duke of Wales and Dutchess of Cornwall. We hope you enjoy your tour and visit to the Historic Canadian City.

[2012-05-20] Laurie Gautreau

Their Royal Highnesses The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, We are most honoured by your visit to Canada. It is a pleasure for you to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with us. Sending our best wishes to you and all members of the Royal Family.

[2012-05-20] Union Jack News

We hope you have a wonderful trip across the country Your Royal Highnesses. Looking forward to cheering you on in Saint John.

[2012-05-20] Scott Burke

Looking forward to seeing you in Toronto on Tuesday!

[2012-05-20] Loretta Ray

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